About us

Ancient Living has a legendary heritage of 4 generations of wise people living in close contact with a farming and eco-centric life.

Coming from this lineage, Mr B.N. Rao is extremely passionate about sustainable organic farming. He spent over 4 decades on his farm  growing different species of medicinal herbs and aromatic plants.

Growing up on her family farm, Kalyani Gongi , daughter of Mr Rao, was surrounded by rich and bountiful nature, that made her a very ecologically sensitive person. Her father imparted valuable knowledge about the healing qualities of various herbs growing on their farm. That instilled a deep sense of wonder and gratitude to Mother Earth.

She was inspired by the way Indians lived in the ancient bygone times and made efforts to find out the long lost Ayurvedic secrets of skin, hair and health care. Ancient Living was founded by her in 2010 to cater to eco conscious customers who value organic Ayurvedic products made out of farm fresh herbs and essential oils. The first batch of skin and hair care products were made from farm grown produce utilizing ancient Ayurvedic recipes. While most of the herbs came straight out of the farm, few others were sourced from other sustainable Organic farms. As our eco sensitive customer base and product line grew exponentially we started procuring our raw materials from other organic farmers across India. We are grateful to our farmers whose untiring efforts generate the best organic produce.

Our Philosophy

Ancient Living has a threefold mission to produce its products consciously, use only pure ingredients and create sustainable livelihoods. We strive for positive impact on everyone we are connected to: farmers, artisans, suppliers, wholesalers, retailers and customers. We take pride in ethical buying and selling practices. We share a sacred bond with our farmers and artisans and believe in growing and gaining collectively.

Ancient Living is equipped with the most modern facilities,well established microbiology lab, research and development cell and testing units. We are ISO 9001-2008, GMP certified. We are blessed with a dedicated and passionate team who believe in our philosophy.

Our products are free of synthetic dyes, perfumes, additives, parabens, pthalates and sulphates.Our products are cruelty free, fully bio-degradable with recyclable packaging.

The beautiful journey of our products from the farms to our customers is like an ancient song echoing in time. Our tradition of Ayurveda is our pride and our gift to new generations.