Anti Dandruff Combo Pack 2
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 Anti Dandruff Combo Pack 2

Anti Dandruff Combo Pack 2

Brand: Ancient Living
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The Ancient Living Anti Dandruff Combo Pack comprises of

  1. Ancient Living Anti Dandruff Pack -100g
  2. Ancient Living Hydrating Shampoo -200ml
  3. Ancient Living Brahmi & Amla Hair Oil -100ml
  4. Ancient Living Neem Wood Comb

Ancient Living Anti Dandruff Pack

Ancient Living Dandruff is enriched with Medicinal Neem & Amla

Neem to reduce dandruff, Hibiscus for hair thickening, Methi for hair growth, Amla strenthens the hair roots, Bhringraj for shiny black hair, Brahmi to prevent hair loss.

Ancient Living Hydrating Shampoo

Ancient Living Hydrating shampoo is made of high quality natural essential oils and Ayurvedic herbs which have healing qualities beneficial for hair. Ayurveda is a plant-based healing system developed by the great seers in Vedic ages who realised that every plant has immense potential to help human beings. Ancient Living brings to you the secrets of Ayurveda in a convenient and ready to use form. Ancient living Hydrating shampoo is made with a gentle coconut derived cleansing base enriched with natural Tea tree oil which is a potent antibacterial agent. Ayurveda describes coconut as Mahamedhya, great nourisher for the mind. Mild and non-drying base extracted from coconuts ensure softness. Ayurveda praises Neem and Tea tree oil as the most natural anti-bacterial oils .They prevent scalp problems. Combined with natural Lemon oil and Neem oil it forms a strong barrier against dandruff. Soothing Aloe Vera moisturises the scalp. Jojoba conditions the scalp. This all natural shampoo leaves your hair soft and hydrated. Recommended for frequent use.

Ancient Living Brahmi & Amla Hair Oil

Ancient Living Brahmi Hair oil contains the age old recipe of Brahmi & Amla to repair dull and damaged looking hair and prevent spilt ends. Geranium essential oil strengthens your hair by nourishing and toning your scalp resulting in smooth, silky tresses. This product is traditionally made by the ancient Taila Pak Vidhi method to get the best from the herbs.

Ancient Living Neem wooden comb

Ancient Living Neem wooden comb is a highly beneficial hair accessory. Neem is a natural antiseptic. It prevents the growth of microbes. Our comb is well crafted from a single, strong piece of neem wood. Our combs are handcrafted by highly skilled artisans. It is not made out of powdered wood. It gently massages the scalp as you comb your hair. It retains its natural freshness for a long time. Investing in the right hair accessories goes a long way in maintaining your crowning glory.