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A Strategic Board Game For A Family Time

We bring you yet another game that dates back from the pages of our mythology. Commonly called Pachisi in Hindi, this game is the oldest and most played game in the country. It’s beauty lies in its variations.

Regionally the basic board, the dice or coins and sometimes the rules or methodology itself may differ. Different regions have given it different names which include other more familiar ones like Chaupad in Hindi; Pagade (Kannada); Parcheesi (English - USA); Sokkattan (Tamil); Pagdi Pat (Marathi) to name a few.

There is also a belief that this game may have been a precursor to the modern day board game-Ludo. The Pachikalu and the coins are sculpted to perfection by very skilled artisans, which are guaranteed to take you back to sensational medieval times

The next time you decide you want to indulge in exercising your mind in a board game; try beating your opponent in the ways of the kings by playing Chausar.

Ancient Living game boards are handmade from eco-friendly materials. Ancient Living chose to use eco-friendly materials keeping in mind the many factors, which would make your time with our games a much more fun-filled and memorable experience. The cloth used in making the base of the game symbolizes minimalism yet having a royal touch to it. Be it picnics or a gift to your loved ones abroad, our games fit the space as if it were the correct piece to complete a puzzle.


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