Kasthuri Tumeric Luxury Handmade Soap -100gm
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Kasthuri Tumeric Luxury Handmade Soap -100gm

Kasthuri Tumeric Luxury Handmade Soap -100gm

Brand: Ancient Living
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Kasthuri Turmeric,Almond oil,Ylang Ylang essential oil,Coconut oil and Lye.

Wet body and face,apply generously and rinse.

Ancient Living Kasthuri Tumeric Handmade soap is enriched with wild harvested Kasturi Tumeric or Curcuma Aromatica. Highly praised for its healing qualities it has been used for centuries to improve complexion and inhibit the growth of unwanted facial hair. Almond oil provides exceptional emollient and softness to the skin. Being naturally rich in Vit E, it lubricates skin and nourishes the seven dhatus or layers of skin. Ylang ylang isan exotic oil with sweet floral fragrance known for its balancing quality on skin. This exceptionally well-crafted soap imparts glow and a naturally fragrant bath experience.