Vamana Guntalu Strategy Board game
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Vamana Guntalu Strategy Board game

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Vamana Guntalu: The age old Indoor game…

This game is played on a wooden board consisting of five pits each in two rows, totaling 10 pits. 

The objective of most of the game is to capture more seeds than the opponent. At the beginning of a player’s turn, he selects a hole with seeds that will be sown around the board. This selection is limited to holes on the current player’s side of the board, as well as holes with a certain minimum number of seeds.

1) You need to put five seeds in a pit.
2) After sowing seeds, you need to take all seeds from one of the pits on your side and drop one seed in each in subsequent pits in a counter-clockwise manner (also putting in the pits on the rival’s side, if you have enough seeds). 
3) If the last seed of your move lands in an empty pit on your side, you can take seeds in your rival’s pit on the other side of the board and put it in your store pit.
4) The game ends when none of the players have any seeds to play. Then player needs to count the seeds accumulated in the store pit and whoever gets more is the winner.