Best Natural Shampoos for Healthy Hair

Ancient Living Shampoos for healthy, strong, and silky hair


Everyone loves good hair days, but what if we told you that Ancient Living has the solution to make every day a great hair day? We all know how important hair care is to maintain our luscious locks. And it is not always easy giving it the care it needs because of pollution, stress, harsh chemicals, and living unhealthy lifestyles.

While the markets are flooded with numerous options to choose from for every type of hair, these chemical-based shampoos can cause a lot of irreversible damage in the long run. These shampoos contain harmful chemicals like sulfates, parabens, and silicones which you should stay away from if you truly care about your hair.

To truly make your hair healthy from the root to the ends, we suggest natural shampoos. If you are looking for a good natural shampoo, then you have come to the right place. This article is a comprehensive guide on what are natural shampoos and how you can pick the right one for you!

A Brief History of Shampoos

Before we discuss natural shampoos, it is quite interesting to explore how shampoos have evolved to what they are as we know them today. The story behind washing our hair is at least a thousand years old and humans have been doing it for as long as we’ve had hair to wash.

Focusing on India, our rich multicultural heritage played a significant role in coining the term ‘shampoo’. The word Shampoo is derived from the Hindi word ‘Champo’, which is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Chapayati’ which means ‘to soothe’. It became a part of the English language during the colonial era.

Ayurveda has been the heart of our existence and our ancestors used to rinse their hair using different ayurvedic extracts and herbs since the early days. The earliest effective shampoo dates back to 1500 AD and was a boiled concoction of Reetha (soap berries), Amla (gooseberry), hibiscus, Shikakai (Acacia), and other natural ingredients and it was strained and then used for hair wash.

What are Natural Shampoos?

Natural shampoos are shampoos that do not contain the harsh chemicals and detergents that dry out the hair but also cause overproduction and secretion of oils. The formulation of natural shampoos does not contain ingredients like sulfates, phthalates, parabens, or artificial fragrances which damaged your hair under the pretext of nourishing it.

Why Choose a Natural Shampoo?

Unfortunately, as consumers, we tend to fall for marketing gimmicks and end up purchasing chemical-based bath & beauty products which are not good for your body. This means you could potentially be using toxic chemicals and not know the impact they could have on your health. What you put on your body, is just as important as what you put in your body – and this includes your hair care routine! This is why at Ancient Living, we highly suggest you choose organic because once you go natural, you’ll never go back!

How to Choose The Right Shampoo?

Just like skin, everyone has a different hair type and it is important to choose the right product for you based on your hair type to properly cater to and care for it.

  • Fine Hair: This type of hair are quite thin and can get oily very easily so it is advisable to avoid cream-based shampoos and instead go for a gentle formulation to protect your hair.
  • Dry Hair: Dry or coarse hair is quite hard to manage and can get tangled a lot which leads to split ends and damage. We suggest opting for moisturizing shampoos to keep frizziness at bay and tame the hair and nourish it,
  • Oily Hair: This hair type can be tricky to handle since the oils are oversecreted on the scalp. Adding more cream or moisture will only make it more oily so going for a neutralizing and balancing shampoo is important to strengthen and keep your hair soft.

Apart from this, if you have any specific hair concerns like dandruff, split ends, hair growth, etc. choose products and ingredients that would help resolve these problems and nourish your hair.

Ancient Living Shampoos

Ancient Living offers you two exquisite shampoos made with a premium blend of organic natural ingredients that your hair will love. Read on to know more about these shampoos and pick your favorite!

Ancient Living Rejuvenative Shampoo

This shampoo is made with a blend of organic high-quality natural essential oils and potent Ayurvedic herbs which help transform dull and damaged hair. It is enriched with pure organic coconut oil base which is mild & non-drying and infused with the goodness of Rosemary, Lemon, and Jojoba which deeply nourishes the hair.

Jojoba provides nourishment to the hair while Rosemary stimulates hair growth by energizing the hair follicles. Aloe vera softens and moisturizes the hair. Lemon oil helps reduce oil, and dandruff and removes scalp buildup. Coconut oil works best in restoring dry, dull, and damaged hair as an excellent conditioner.

Ancient Living Hydrating Shampoo

This hydrating shampoo is the perfect blend of pure essential oils and exotic ayurvedic herbs. This natural shampoo is enriched with the goodness of pure lemon oil, and tea tree oil, and infused with aloe vera. These nutrient-rich oils are known for their strong antibacterial properties which gently cleanse your scalp and remove all impurities to nourish dry, dull hair.

Lemon oil is an excellent ingredient that cleanses the scalp and adds a healthy shine to your hair. It fights dandruff due to its strong antibacterial properties as well as deeply conditions your hair. It is rich in vitamin C which reduces inflammation and irritation on the scalp. Tea Tree Oil is renowned for its antibacterial properties which make your hair grow strong and smooth. It fights against dandruff and works wonders for dry and oily hair. Neem oil is rich in antioxidants that promote hair growth and Aloe vera moisturizes and hydrated your hair.

Why choose Ancient Living Shampoos?

These nature-based shampoos make your hair feel clean, soft, and fragrant with their mild aroma. They restore and maintain the natural PH balance of the scalp. They are made with organic certified ingredients and are devoid of any foam boosters – therefore you may experience less lather but a rather a deeper cleansing effect. They are also sustainable which means they are good for both your hair as well as the environment, so choose Ancient Living Shampoos today!


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