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Best organic products to build a natural skincare routine

How to create the perfect at-home natural skin care regimen for your skin type


Did you know that your skin is your body’s largest organ? Yet we tend to take it for granted and neglect it. Healthy skin does not only make you look good but it also helps you feel good. In an age where the beauty industry is booming and catering to everyone’s personal preferences – organic skin care is a niche that people have loved over the years. Clean, natural, and simple formulation inspired by the wisdom of our ancestors and beauty secrets passed down to several generations make it stand out. Before we begin on how to create the perfect skincare routine, here is a brief explanation of what constitutes organic skin care.

What is organic skincare?

While the exact definition of organic varies around the world, it generally refers to natural ingredients that farmers have grown without using artificial substances, such as chemical pesticides or fertilizers. In the beauty and skincare industry, the term “organic” means that some or all of the ingredients in a product come from organic sources. Organic farming is less harmful to the environment which is great for the more eco-conscious consumers.

What makes a skin care product organic?

For a skincare product to be considered organic, it must consist of organically farmed and processed plant-derived ingredients. Some examples of these are:

  • plant extracts
  • plant oils or butters
  • essential oils
  • resins

Why is good skincare important?

A good skincare routine is only as good as the products you use. While it might sound like high maintenance, in reality –  healthy skin is relatively easy to achieve with natural organic products. A skincare routine helps your skin stay in great condition and withstand signs of aging as you grow. It makes your skin look more radiant and youthful and as we know, prevention is always better than correction. It’s important for all of us to build a skincare routine we feel comfortable with to maintain and nourish our skin.

What are the basic steps for a good skincare routine?

While there are so many new skincare trends and routines that range from 9 steps to even 15-20 steps, the three most basic elements are:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Tone
  3. Moisturize


Facial cleansing which is washing your face helps remove build-up, boosts hydration, and maintains clear skin. Regular cleansing is essential to keeping your skin looking radiant and healthy. It helps maintain proper pore size and prevents the production of excess oil. Ancient Living Manjistha Face Wash & Ancient Living Tea Tree Face Wash are natural facewashes made with organic ingredients that cleanse and hydrate your face.


A toner helps balance the skin and is applied after washing your face. It helps smooth, soften, and calm skin. Toners also replenish and restore essential nutrients to your skin. For a good organic toner, check out Ancient Living Rose Water which is suitable for all skin types and is safe for all ages.


The primary use of a moisturizer is to hydrate and soften the skin. This is one product everyone must use consistently all through the year. While everyone needs a good moisturizer, the texture and type of your moisturizer will differ depending on your skin type. Ancient Living’s Lavender & Almond Moisturizer and Neroli & Olive Moisturizer are creamy, soothing, and designed specifically to suit all skin types.


Another product we highly recommend is an organic exfoliator as it is necessary to exfoliate your skin to keep it remove dead skin cells and keep the skin healthy. As the skin ages and the natural cell renewal process slows down, it makes the skin look dry, dehydrated, and dull. A natural exfoliant helps shed the older cells and improves skin tone. Ancient Living’s Revitalizing Face Scrub works wonders as a facial exfoliant to remove dry and dead skin to reveal fresh and glowing skin. Ancient Living’s Luxury bath Powder gently exfoliates the body to refresh and replenish nutrients while removing impurities.


Apart from these three steps, applying sunscreen every day is a must as it protects your skin from aging, wrinkles, and dark spots and keeps it healthy and radiant.

Important factors to consider while building your skincare routine

Apart from the few basic steps mentioned above, creating a routine based on your specific skin type is important as everyone’s skin is different and it helps address your skin concerns.

For oily skin

A natural skincare routine for oily skin should focus on controlling excess oil production without stripping the skin of its natural essential oils.

For dry skin

A natural skincare routine for dry skin should focus on reducing dryness and flakiness of the skin while deeply moisturizing and keeping the skin well hydrated.

For combination skin

Natural skin care products are excellent for combination skin as they target both dry patches and excess oils on different regions of the face.

For acne-prone skin

Organic fash washes and face masks help prevent acne and blemishes and reduce acne scares while controlling excess oil – all of which are great ways to help with acne-prone skin.

For sensitive skin

Natural skincare products are more suited for sensitive skin as they are more gentle and do not contain any harsh chemicals or preservatives. Ancient living products are non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic which are great for sensitive skin.

Benefits of Organic Skin Care

Organic skin care products are not only good for you, but they are good for the environment too. They offer a plethora of benefits, some of which are:

  • High in Nutritional Content

Natural skincare is made from natural ingredients that are rich in vitamins and minerals. These ingredients are great for your health, which makes them good for your skin as well.

  • Safe for the skin

Since organic products are free from chemicals, they are safe on sensitive and gentle skin.

  • Environment Friedly

Organic skin products are made with natural ingredients which do not leave a harmful footprint on the environment.

  • High Efficiency

Natural skincare is more effective as it is devoid of any chemicals and made with pure ingredients. It deeply penetrates into the skin and shows visible results without any side effects.

  • Sustainable

Organic products are cruelty-free and are made with natural ingredients and even the packaging is sustainable.

If you’re looking for natural alternatives to your skincare routine, know there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Explore Ancient Living’s collection of organic skin care products to find your best fit to create the perfect skin care regimen.


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