Tulasi Luxury Handmade Soap -100gm
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Tulasi Luxury Handmade Soap -100gm

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Tulasi,Basil essential oil,Palm oil,Coconut oil and Lye.

Wet body and face,apply generously and rinse.

Ancient Living Tulasi handmade soap contains natural Tulasi leaf powder which is said  to harmonize mind, body and soul. This herb has been revered and praised in Ayurveda with names such as Subhaga and Sulaghni. It has a natural Svadhu gandha or a pleasing aroma invoking a sacred feeling. Basil essential oil helps bring balance and calm. Natural Coconut and Palm oil provide abundant soft and fluffy lather.This well-crafted soap washes away germs and gives a fresh and fragrant feeling invoking the feeling of purity.