Almond Body Polishing Scrub Jar – 100 gm

100 gm

Exfoliate and Hydrate the skin with Ancient Living Almond Body Polishing Scrub loaded with the goodness of ayurvedic roots & herbs, blended with fruit and nut extracts. This exceptional formulation can remove the dead skin cells gently besides balancing the moist levels efficiently.



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Almond powder, orange peel powder, orange oil, and Gandha karchuralu (Ginger lily), Kasturi Turmeric, Navara Rice.


Almond Powder can regenerate the damaged skin tissues, rebalance the sebum or oil secretions, and revitalize the skin texture due to the presence of Vitamin E. Orange peel powder & Orange Oil are rich in Vitamin C and collagen properties can unclog the clogged skin pores, improve skin elasticity, and stop aging by reducing the fine lines, wrinkles. Gandha karchuralu (Ginger lily or Curcuma Zedoaria) & Kasturi Turmeric can reduce the dark spots, acne, and lighten the skin due to the antiseptic properties. The aroma of Ginger lily in the scrub gives a refreshing experience. Navara Rice is one of the ancient exfoliating ingredients which leaves the skin supple and soft.


Wet the skin before a scrub. Then, take the required quantity of Almond Body Polishing Scrub & scrub on the wet skin in a clockwise direction or circular motion. Avoid scrubbing around and above the eyes. Wash the scrubbed region with cool water and pat dry.


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