Ancient Living Baby Bath Powder – 100 gm

100 gm

Who isn’t envious of a baby’s silky smooth skin but, as we all know it is extremely sensitive. All parents go through a ton of hesitation before bringing any baby product near their precious baby. Ancient Living Baby Bath Powder eliminates this hesitation as it is packed with vitamins and herbal ingredients which gently cleanse the skin of your little bundle of joy. This bath powder holds the secrets and goodness of Ayurveda which has been trusted for centuries. It makes your baby’s bath sessions enjoyable while leaving their skin feeling petal-soft.
The secret of the ingredients
All the ingredients are handpicked from our organic sustainable farm. They are grown and picked with love. This care reflects in all our products. All the ingredients hold unique properties. These ingredients nurture your baby’s delicate skin. Almonds are full of vitamin E which gently lubricates your baby’s skin. Mugda and navara rice form a mild base for cleansing and exfoliation. Because at the end of the day all parents want their babies to be clean of impurities after all their fun-filled activities during the day. Shati is packed with astringent properties which keeps your baby away from potential infections. Chickpea is full of vitamin A, C, D, and K. Orange peel and Kasturi clears the skin and impart a healthy glow while the vetiver cradles your baby with its cooling mist.
Our Baby Bath Powder is to be mixed with water or rose water to form a paste-like consistency. Then, apply it all over the baby’s skin. Rinse it off with water.
The reason we are inclined towards Ayurveda is not only its effective results but also the trust of our ancestors which held it all together to this day. Our Baby Bath Powder soothes your baby’s skin like a mother’s love would. It makes a perfect product for your baby’s bathing ritual and keeps their skin fresh and fragrant. As children tend to be energetic and full of life they run around the house, play in the mud, the garden, climb trees and touch unhygienic objects. Keeping all of this in mind we came up with this baby bath powder which gently gets rid of all impurities and keeps your baby away from potential infections. We understand a mother’s love for her baby and we tried to reciprocate this love through our Baby Bath Powder. So, to all the parents! No worrying anymore!




Chickpea, Mudga, Shati, Kasthuri Haridra, Navara rice, Almonds, Vetiver, Orange fruit


  • Gently cleanses Baby's Skin
  • Leaves skin petal soft and fragrant
  • Promotes soft and supple skin
  • 100% Organic
  • Free from Chemicals
  • For Healthy
  • Smooth
  • Supple Skin for your baby


Mix the required quantity with water to make a paste.Apply gently on the baby skin


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