Ancient Living Chakravyuham Board Game – 1 Pcs

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Ancient Living Chakravyuham board game has been derived from the invincible military tactic Chakravyuham in Mahabharata. Chakra means spinning wheel and vyuha means formation. Our board game follows the same tactic in which soldiers keep moving in the form of a spinning wheel. In this fierce battle, the players need to take the opponent’s soldiers out of the board to emerge victoriously!

This game of strategy helps in developing logical thinking while teaching our deep-rooted history and culture. Chakravyuhams fascinating approach improves observational skills as its circular form challenges the players to look out for dangers in all directions. Being alert and cautious is essential if you don’t want to miss any of your opponent’s moves. This highly mind-stimulating game carries the legacy that lives on to this day. It urges the players to develop creative thinking and use imaginative abilities to win the game. Chakravyuham in Mahabharata is said to be one of the greatest military tactics that require skills of the highest order to survive. Our game helps in developing these skills and tactics in a fun-filled way. The thrill keeps you on your toes as one wrong step can lead to the downfall of your army!

It is a great tool for entertainment which simultaneously helps to inculcate the habit of healthy competition in children. It aids in creating bonding sessions with your friends and family which are filled with fun and memories. Come indulge in this game and get ready to battle it out!






1 review for Ancient Living Chakravyuham Board Game – 1 Pcs

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    its a very generic product.

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