Ancient Living Organic Rejuvenative Face Pack – 20 gm

20 gm

Based on Ayurvedic roots Ancient Living has picked out five herbs that are known for their calming and skin rejuvenating properties. The blend of these herbs makes a perfect combination of the most calming and soothing experience. They get rid of skin impurities, deeply nourish your skin, and restore your complexion.
Ancient Living Rejuvenative face pack contains Yashtimadhu which is described as varnakrut, a herb that enhances the complexion. Manjistha is a renowned purifier. Ashwagandha also is known as Indian ginseng is highly restorative for the skin. Nimbukam clarifies the complexion. These herbs provide excellent nutrients to moisturize and rejuvenate skin. Used regularly it helps maintain a youthful appearance.



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Manjishta, Yashtimadhu, Laaksha, Nimbuka, Ashwagandha


Manjistha Its antibacterial properties fight acne and other impurities. It detoxifies skin and imparts a beautiful glow due to its blood purifying properties. It fights discoloration and improves complexion. Yashtimadhu It fights skin infections and acne. It reduces inflammation. Laaksha It is anti-inflammatory in nature. Ashwagandha Its antioxidant properties protect the skin. It restores your complexion. It slows down the ageing process. It stimulates the production of natural skin oils. Nimbuka It is rich in vitamin C which clarifies your complexion. It fights skin impurities. It brightens your complexion.


Take the required quantity, mix with Ancient Living rose water, apply on the skin, and wait for 30 minutes. Wash off with water and pat dry


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