Ancient Living Paramapada Sopanam Native Game – 1PCS


Ancient Living Paramapada Sopanam Native Game is the traditional version of the much beloved classic board game – Snakes & Ladders. The name of the games translates to ‘Steps to the Highest Place’. The game is symbolic of a man’s search for meaning and his quest to reach heaven. The ladders in the game represent virtues that take the player closer to paradise, while the snakes denote vices and shortcomings that take him farther away from it. The hundredth square represents moksha or nirvana. This game is inspired by moral stories and it illustrates the ups & downs in life. It has a unique twist where the game does not stop when the player reaches the hundredth square but it has 32 more squares to pass which denotes that leading a spiritual life isn’t as easy as it seems. May luck guide you as the snakes take you down and ladders escalate you to the top!


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  • 1 Game Board
  • 4 Game pieces (wooden crafted coins in different color)
  • 1 Square dice
  • Board Size: 63*69cm


  • Ancient Living Board Games is a fun way to bond with your loved ones and a chance to create memories together. These traditional Indian games trace back to our rich culture and heritage.
  • Paramapada Sopanam roughly translates to 'Steps to the Highest Place'. This game is the traditional version of Snakes & Ladders. It is generally played with two to four players.
  • It illustrates an exhilarating race to the top where snakes send you crawling down, while ladders escalate you to the top. It symbolizes the ups and downs of life and shows the beauty of sheer luck.
  • It is known by numerous names such as Saanp aur Seedhi in Hindi, Vaikuntapali in Telugu, and Paramapadam in Tamil. It was known as Moksha Patam or Mokshapat in ancient India.
  • This game not only makes leisure time more enjoyable but also promotes social skills and interaction among the players. It teaches life skills like patience and persistence.
  • This board game is brought to you by Ancient Living with the intention to promote folkloric games and culture through fun and entertainment. It is suitable for children over the age of 5+
  • The board is handcrafted with hand-painted cotton fabric. The game pieces (wooden crafted coins in different colors) are sculpted to perfection by our versatile and skilled artisans using earth-friendly wood materials and natural color paint.
  • The Ancient Living board games are handcrafted with care using sustainable materials to give you an improved, fun experience while being environmentally conscious.



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