Why You Should Choose Wooden Combs for Healthy Hair


Maintaining healthy hair is not limited to just good hair care products but also the kind of combs you use to brush your hair to get long silky tresses. Combs are an essential product that we use daily and using the right one could help prevents tangles and frizziness. By just changing your comb you could minimize a lot of hair concerns. While most people are very particular about the hair products they use like shampoos and oils, they often tend to ignore the basics. We might resort to using cheap plastic combs because they are readily available in the market, but did you know that plastic combs are actually one of the main causes of hair damage? They cause static and hair frizz by brushing it roughly, snagging, and pulling because they do not comb through thick hair easily and they also cause split ends that lead to dry and brittle hair.

The best way to prevent this is to switch to a wood-based comb. Wooden comb has multiple benefits and are very good for your hair health. Here are a few Ancient Living Wooden Comb to check out.

Ancient Living Neem Wood Combs

All our combs are handcrafted with care by skilled artisans with years of expertise. The combs are craftily carved from a single, strong piece of neem wood. These combs are not made out of powdered wood and are premium and sustainable. It gently massages the scalp as you comb through your hair. It retains its natural freshness for a long time. Ancient Living has designed 5 Neem Wood Combs for all your needs.

Ancient Living Neem Wood Comb – Single Teeth

Ancient Living Neem Wooden Comb is a highly beneficial hair accessory. Made with Neem wood, Neem is an ingredient that is a natural antiseptic that prevents the growth of microbes. The fine tooth comb has rounded edges and tips that are designed to give your scalp a gentle massage.

Ancient Living Neem Wood Comb With Handle

Ancient Living Neem Wooden Comb with handle is made with Neem wood. The handle on the comb makes it easier to brush through hair without any pressure or pulling that can cause damage to your tresses.

Ancient Living Neem Wood 2 in 1 Model

The Ancient Living 2 in 1 Neem Wood Comb is designed to brush through your softly. It has both wide and narrow tips to detangle both fine and thick hair. It removes any hassle of brushing your hair especially suited for removing frizz and tangles.  

Ancient Living Neem Wood Applicator Comb

The Ancient Living Wooden Applicator Comb made with Neem Wood is best suited for massage and applying oils efficiently. It relaxes the scalp and stimulates the roots to help the hair grow thicker and stronger.

Ancient Living Neem Wood Pocket Comb

The Ancient Living Pocket Comb is designed to be carried on you when you go out for the day. Say goodbye to untamed hair and frizz as you can now brush on the go. It can easily fit inside your pocket and handbags and is the best hair product to have while you go out.

Benefits of Wooden Comb

  • 100% natural and eco-friendly
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Prevents the growth of fungi and microbes
  • Gives relief to itchy scalp
  • Promotes healthy scalp and hair
  • Rounded tips designed to be gentle on the scalp
  • Prevents frizz and breakage from static and rough brushing
  • Carries a negative ionic charge that matches the hairs on your head – reduces frizz and flyaways
  • Naturally nourishes your hair
  • Distributes natural oils from the scalp evenly throughout the hair
  • Makes hair less greasy
  • Adds a healthy shine to your hair
  • Massage the scalp gently
  • Promotes blood circulation on the scalp
  • Increases healthy oil production
  • Encourages hair growth
  • Makes hair thicker and stronger
  • Makes detangling hair easy and hassle-free
  • Helps reduce dandruff and dryness
  • Removes dirt and other unwanted particles
  • Strong and durable, will last long

All these and more are why you must switch to Ancient Living Neem Wood Combs today!


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